Cooper Speaks: 2) Wildcatch Salmon Bites

2) Wildcatch Salmon Bites

"Wildcatch for Pets™ harvests only sustainable wild salmon in cooperation with Native, Alaskan, and Pacific Northwest fishers. We offer the finest natural salmon and seafood products free of antibiotics and synthetic colorings. Thank you for supporting wild, sustainably caught salmon products! You can purchase our products here or ask for them at you[r] local store! From our table to yours, we hope you enjoy our products!"


Cooper Speaks:

Hey, I’m not a cat! Don’t get me wrong, they are very tasty and healthy, but they still left my breath with a bit of a fishy odor, yuck. Luckily, Mom brushes my teeth so it really isn’t a deal-breaker. Plus Mom wanted me to tell you that they are human-grade and sustainable from the great state of Alaska. Um, shouldn’t all my food be human-grade?