Summer Gearrrr for Your Pup

Summer is a great time of the year to do outdoor activities with your dog(s). From hitting the beach to packing some necessities and going for a bike ride, there are a plethora of things you and your dog can enjoy together this season.

Prepping for any activity that will involve your dog is important though. You want to make sure your dog is comfortable, hydrated and happy. And sometimes, this may mean purchasing the appropriate gear.

Here are some great products we've found that can ensure a fun, safe summer for you and your pet, regardless of the activities you do.

H2O4K9 Portable Dog Water Bottle
This 25-ounce steel water bottle is designed to make it easy for your pup to get a drink. It's also handy since it can fit into bicycle water bottle holders or be attached to a belt or backpack using the top cap. And for the fashionally conscious dog owner, it comes in a variety of colors. (More colors available online) Available for $15.95 through

I'm sure you've heard that allowing your dog to stick their head out of the car window is not the safest thing to do - but it's so hard not to let them enjoy the breeze blowing their ears back! Here's the solution - Doggles.

You may be hesitant. Thinking that they could make your pup look silly or that you'd be taking your dog a little too seriously should you put actual glasses on them. But is that worth a $300 trip to the vet because your poor dog got something in his eye while sticking his head out the window?

These babies also offer full UV protection, are shatterproof and are made of fog-proof lenses.

Does your dog accompany you on motorcycle rides? Pick up a pair of these. Does your dog love to spend hours at the beach in bright sunlight? Consider shielding their eyes with a pair of Doggles. With a variety of styles and colors, you'll be sure to find a pair that will suit you and your pup's style. Original Doggles are available for $16.00 a pair on

Maybe you're more of the hiking kind of canine-human-duo. The challenge and serenity of traveling along off-road paths and through woods is a popular activity for people with active dogs. Be careful to take into consideration your dog's feet though.

You may have heard the story about the hikers who came upon an abadoned and injured German Shepard during a hike on Mount Bierstadt in Colorado last year. The owner of the dog left it on the mountain after discovering that the poor animal had cut her feet up on the sharp rocks of the mountain and could not make the trip back down. (The dog was thankfully rescued by that group of hikers who found her 8 days after being abadoned by her owner.)

Moral of the story - dog's feet are not invincable. The pads on their feet can dry out, crack, get cut, bleed and just plain hurt. A solution? All-Weather Muttluks. Available in a variety of colors and sizes, these easy-to-put-on "boots" have leather soles to protect your dog's feet and have adjustable stretchy cuffs to keep them put. Available for $48.00 for a set of four boots at

RuffWear K9 Float Coat
Do you enjoy kayaking? Boating? Stand-up paddle boarding? Do you bring your dog along? Boating safety applies to them too. Protect your dog in the event of a water accident by outfitting them with a RuffWear K9 Float Coat before heading out to the open seas.

These specially-designed life savers come in a variety of sizes and colors, and come equipped with a handle so you can easily pick your dog up if needed and reflective trim. Available for $79.95 from

Enjoy these last few weeks of summer with your dog. But keep them safe while doing so!