Dogs Are Heroes Following Boston Marathon Bombing

Boston Police officers take a break from patroling the streets to pet K-9 Comfort Dogs.With both myself and co-founder, Melissa, living and working close to Boston, the tragedy of the Boston Marathon bombings really hit close to home. As countless news reports and first-hand accounts have shown however, out of the tragedy rose the goodness of human nature. It was as if the entire city of Boston were one big family, each person treating the person standing next to them with kindness and equality. Everyone had one mission - to see the successful capture of the second brother that was on the run.

Specially-trained K9 dogs were crucial partners in the outcome of the manhunt that ended with the apprehension of suspect #2 on Friday night. Between bomb-sniffing dogs that continue to investigate whether any more devices were deployed to harm the city of Boston, and K9 tactical teams that swooped in to ensure the suspect did not escape from his hiding place, dogs were heroes too that day.

This pup greeted folks at the bag pickup location following the Marathon. His presence eased tension and gave folks a warm, fluffy companion to help their stress.The unspeakable evil left many scars for hundreds of victims, but some very special therapy dogs are playing a major role in the healing process. K-9 Comfort Dogs, a segment of the Lutheran Church Charities, were deployed with their dedicated handlers to Boston on Tuesday, one day after the horrific bombings, to help survivors and first responders cope with sadness and stress. 

These amazing dogs are trained specifically to deal with high-stress situations, with each of the organization's retrievers going through at least 8 months of training prior to being deployed.

The pups have been located at the First Lutheran Church of Boston, several blocks away from the Boston Marathon finish line location, with visiting hours posted on their personal Facebook pages and here.

Two of the visiting pups, Addie and Maggie, served Newtown CT following the Sandy Hook tragedy. Isaiah, Luther and Ruthie are also present.

Kudos to all those who helped bring justice to the city of Boston and everyone affected by this senseless act, and to the dedicated and superbly-trained K-9 Comfort Dogs for helping bring peace to the to those affected.