Winter Storm Nemo Tips for Your Dog

"If you don't like the weather, wait a minute."

Living in New England, we hear this saying a lot. But as time progresses it seems pretty certain that our area will be hit hard by the impending blizzard Friday into Saturday.

Though questions still linger regarding exactly how much snow will hit each area of our state, a blizzard watch has been issued for many areas, meaning heavy snow accumulations, strong winds and very low visibility will make travel nearly impossible during the storm.

As such, we'd like to share some tips for making it through Winter Storm Nemo with your dog.

  1. Do your shopping today. Pick up any dog food, medications, pee pads or pet-safe rock salt before the storm begins. Travel is not recommended during the storm, and depending on your location and whether you lose power, there's no telling when you'll be able to get to the store.
  2. If your dog requires medication that needs refrigerating, such as insulin, be sure to have ice handy in case you lose power. You'll still need to keep that medication cold.
  3. Only take your dog outside when absolutely necessary during the storm. This blizzard will bring very strong winds, blowing snow, freezing temperatures, and very low visibility. Your dog will probably be miserable being outside in this anyway, but don't stay outside any longer than necessary. And obviously, under absolutely NO circumstances should you be leaving your dog outside during this storm. Some dogs do love snow, but wait until after the storm is over before allowing them outside to play. The whipping winds and low visibility create too much risk during the storm.
  4. When do you bring your dog outside, protect small, old or sick dogs from the elements with a sweater or coat. You could also consider putting some booties on them, if they allow it, to protect their toes from the snow and ice.
  5. Some dogs can become very anxious during severe weather. Keep them calm by distracting them with toys and games inside the house.

Good luck riding out Winter Storm Nemo! Stay safe!