10 Things on Your Dog's Bucket List

Golden Retriever fetchOk, I know - no one likes to think about their dog no longer being with them. But the way I look at it, it is our responsibility as pet owners to make sure they have the happiest, most love-filled life they possibly can while we are lucky enough to enjoy their company. So, I've compiled a fun "bucket list" for dogs that could most certainly make any dog's tail wag with joy.

  1. Bury my most prized possession right in the middle of a garden. No one will suspect it's in there.
  2. Take at least one fantastic family Christmas photo. But please, no reindeer antlers! My dog friends will never let me live that down.
  3. Go swimming in the sea. And then come out all wet and salty and shake it off on everyone!
  4. Pick out my own toy at the pet store. Even if I choose the $15 dog toy that you know I will destroy in 2-minutes, let me do it just once!
  5. Eat a slice of pizza! I know you've told me pizza isn't for dogs, but pleaaaase can I just have one piece?
  6. Enjoy some doggy ice cream on a hot day! I've heard that Frosty Paws ice cream stuff is delicious!
  7. Become a social media sensation when you put a funny video of me online. Everyone knows I am cute. Why not share my cuteness?
  8. Roll around in that mud puddle! You can give me a bath later, I promise.
  9. Learn a new "trick" that makes my human smile!
  10. Run around like crazy with my friends at a dog park.

Can you think of anything else we should all try to make sure we let our pets do once in a while? Share your ideas in our comment section below!