Walk Your Dog With Love

I highly recommend the Walk Your Dog With Love harness! Cooper loves it :) The founder, Dan Merson, is a MA resident who supports and gives back to rescues to help "bad" dogs get adopted. With your purchase, they also give you the option to spend an extra $10 to donate a harness to a local rescue!

This harness does not encourage pulling since the leash is attached at the chest, instead of the back, so it is more natural for the 2-legged leader to be in front of or next to his/her canine companion. I did not have to spend any time "teaching" Cooper how to walk with this harness and our walks are much more enjoyable now.

Cooper sporting the WYDWL Harness during the Pet Fest at Buttonwood Park in May.

Here is a snip-it from the WYDWL website: 

Some good dog owners inadvertently train their dogs to be hard-to-walk. From there it's a
short distance to "unmanageable", and then "bad". Not walking your dog is the direct opposite of building a good relationship with your dog. The less a dog is walked, the less socialized it becomes, the more unmanageable it becomes. Sitting around at home with no purpose is not much of a life. Many dogs are handed over to the pound because they are "unmanageable". There is no nice way to say this: dogs that are considered unmanageable are euthanized - that is a fancy word for killed. Walking changes this; it makes "bad" dogs good and good dogs great.