Safe & Sound Fireworks

Startling, scary, unexpected, LOUD! For these and a host of other reasons, most dogs have an adverse reaction to fireworks. Here are a few tips to keep your pooch safe & sound during the upcoming 4th of July firework shows: 

  • The safest option is to let your dog stay at home and play music or keep the TV volume up. If your dog has never experienced the sound of fireworks before, playing a recording of the sound will help you to assess your dog's reaction and might actually help them become familiar with it. If you already know your dog has severe anxiety, please discuss with your vet the best options for a safe holiday.
  • If you are not able to keep them inside, keep your dogs securely on a leash at all times. Because of the sporadic booming sounds of the fireworks display, even the most loyal companions are liable to take off running for the hills. So many dogs run away on the 4th and some do not make it back home.. please be careful!
  • Exercise your dog before the festivities. If your dog arrives in a calm state, they may be less likely to get overly excited or anxious.
  • Many people have had success using the ThundershirtTM which applies a gentle pressure to relieve anxiety without medication. Take a look at some customer testimonials from their website to see if this is something your dog might benefit from.

Other Precautions: 

  • Your dog should always wear a collar with ID tags (up-to-date phone numbers and address). Using a harness is also recommended since dogs can easily slip out of their collars when anxiety sets in.
  • Microchipping is also an effective way to help reunite lost pets but don't forget to registering the chip every year to keep it active and current.
  • As we've warned before, "people food" can be very dangerous to pets. Please remind your guests and kids not to feed dogs from their plate. Skewers, open coals, alcohol, and chocolate are some common 4th of July offenders.
  • If your dogs are braving the daytime parades and parties, remember to keep cool, clean water out and give them a quiet, shady spot to relax. If it's an especially hot day, the best bet is to keep your dog in an air-conditioned house if possible.

God Bless America! Have fun & be safe!