Oogy - The Dog Only a Family Could Love

I recently read the book, "Oogy - The Dog Only a Family Could Love," by Larry Levin, and I am so glad I did. The book's author, Larry, is also the main speaker in the book. He and his wife come to adopt twin boys and later decide to add another family member to the mix - Oogy - after the loss of a beloved cat leaves a void in their lives.

The course of events that lead the family to Oogy are remarkable -- enough to make you truly believe in destiny.

Oogy's life began as a sad one. One look at his photo on the cover of the book says it all. The family actually ends up calling him Oogy because most people thought of him as an "ugly" dog due to all his injuries, but "oogy" was a cute way of saying ugly with affection.

This dog had a tough life. He was raised by individuals who dabbled in the illegal "sport" of dog fighting, and as the book explains, clues suggest that he was deemed unfit to be an actual fighter, so he became what is known as a "bait dog."

Bait dogs are generally submissive and are used primarily to train the aggressive fighter dogs how to fight better. So you can imagine the horror of a life of a bait dog.

After being abandoned and left to die, the gentle giant is picked up by the local police department and brought to an animal hospital that has some very special people working there. One woman in particular, a veterinarian, believes in the dog so much that she fosters him and nurses him back to health until his journey continues with Larry and his family.

"Oogy" is a heartwarming book because it shows how dog stereotypes can be broken and shows just how much love can heal. The combination of Oogy's dominating physical characteristics and his visible injuries would make most shy away from such a dog, but everyone who comes to know Oogy is touched by how gentle and loving he is, despite what he went through.

The story also has another aspect to it. The fact that Larry's twin boys were adopted make them have a very special bond with Oogy, who was also adopted and saved.

I really enjoyed reading about Oogy and I'll continue following his story on his official Facebook page.