Sequel to "A Dog's Purpose" is Another MUST Read

I finished reading "A Dog's Journey," the highly anticipated sequel to W. Bruce Cameron's, "A Dog's Purpose," and I must insist that anyone who begins the journey must finish it by reading the sequel. Not reading "A Dog's Journey" would just be an injustice to the storyline that the author weaves.

"A Dog's Journey" follows the life and soul of the same dog who is the main character in "A Dog's Purpose," and the books have a very real ability to make the reader become fully invested and involved with this dog's journey. I couldn't wait to read what would happen next and to finally reach the end so that I could know how the journey ends for my favorite four-legged character!

I must say though that I am now sad and anxious about what book I am going to read next, as I'm confident it will never measure up to how much I enjoyed these two books. If anyone has any suggestions for my next dog-related read, please leave it in the comment section or email me directly at

Thanks and happy reading!