"A Dog's Purpose" is a MUST Read for Any Dog Lover

I recently finished reading "A Dog's Purpose," by W. Bruce Cameron. This phenomenal book spent 49-weeks on the New York Times' bestseller list, and I highly recommend any dog or animal lover out there read this book.

I laughed out loud, I cried, but most of all I thoroughly appreciated reading a book that made me feel like I was not crazy for truly believing that my dog is like my little personal guardian angel. Clearly there are others out there who also believe their dog can understand English, and that they can just sense their real emotions without ever saying a word.

I normally do not opt to read books that I know involve doggie death, but this book is special. The book focuses on one dog, who is born, lives one particular life and learns from experiences, dies, and then is reincarnated as another dog who still remembers their past life. While it is still a tear jerker each time the pooch passes on, it is an absolutely heart-warming story about a dog's bond with their human.

And even better - there is a sequel! I am currently reading, "A Dog's Journey," which I was pleased to discover follows the life of the same dog. You will become so invested in this dog's life that you will absolutely want to pick up this second book. I actually suggest just buying both books at the same time so that once you are finishing reading "A Dog's Purpose," you can just pick up the second book and continue!

I will follow up with a review of "A Dog's Journey," as soon as I am finished. Which will probably be tomorrow :)

Check out the author's website and purchase the books here.