Five "Human Foods" That Make Great Training Treats

You already know that the majority of human foods are not healthy for your pet. But did you know that there are certain human foods that could be used as occasion treats for your dog? These foods will even add a nutritional boost to your dog's food!

  1. Raw baby carrots - Gadget loves raw baby carrots, and fresh vegetables are a great addition to your dog's diet, provided it's in moderation. The crunchiness of the raw carrot also satisfies her, and the small size make them easy to use as training treats.
  2. Frozen green beans - Another great vegetable that is usually found in all of our freezers! Dogs love frozen green beans and these low calorie vegetables are a great source of vitamin K and vitamin C.
  3. Apples - Apples are a great crunchy treat for your dog. Just don't let them eat the core and try not to let them eat the seeds. A few seeds won't hurt, but harmful effects are more likely if eaten often.
  4. Peanut butter - Dogs do not experience peanut allergies nearly as commonly as humans do, so peanut butter is generally a healthy, high-protein treat for dogs. This yummy treat can be smeared on one of your dog's toys or let them try to lick it out of the container as a fun game/treat!
  5. Melon/pineapple - During summer months, nothing is more satisfying to my dog than getting a little slice of watermelon, melon or pineapple. These fruits can be high in sugar so they should be served sparingly, but the moist, soft fruits make dogs go crazy with delight!
vitamin K, vitamin C, and manganese