Rock Salt and Dog Paws Don't Mix

With the first serious snowfall hitting my area today, I was reminded of the necessity to purchase pet-safe rock salt. After all, normal rock salt and dog paws don't mix! Pet owners and non-owners alike should opt to scatter pet-safe rock salt, since even if you do not own a dog, someone may walk their dog by your property.

dog bootsNormal rock salt and chemical ice melters cause sores, infection and blistering on dogs' feet. These toxins can then be ingested by your dog when they lick their feet, leading to further serious health issues. Ingesting these toxic chemicals can cause dehydration, live failure, pancreatitis, and some chemicals such as antifreeze are lethal.

To ensure the safest winter season for your dog, always wash your dog's paws in warm water to rinse away any salt and chemicals. Another great option is to apply Vaseline to your dog's paws, which acts as both a barrier to salts, chemicals and acts as a moisturizer. Or, if your dog tolerates them, dog booties offer the best protection from the cold winter elements. (Here is the pair that I purchased for Gadget.)

So remember, when shopping for winter ice melters, always look for "pet safe" brands, such as Safe Paw Ice Melter. Happy winter!