Did you know that you can influence animal welfare legislation?

If you ever thought "I wish I could do more to help..." or "I'm too busy to volunteer but I want to make an impact", then I encourage you to think about sharing your passion with others pursuing justice for our pets and animals by getting the law on their side.

Currently, there is a Senate Bill (S. 1033) that needs your support! Here's a quick overview of what the Bill hopes to achieve (thanks MSPCA for this summary): 

  • helping to fund spay/neuter efforts to reduce the number of homeless cats and dogs; 
  • ensuring animal control officers are trained, which will result in greater licensing compliance and stronger enforcement of dangerous dog laws;
  • improving dangerous dog laws to ensure they are effective (without being breed-specific);
  • authorizing specific humane means for euthanasia of stray cats and dogs (and outlawing the use of gas).

In order to keep the Bill alive, please tell your Senator that you support this Bill. Supporting it is very easy. MSPCA created this great form that creates a letter that you can automatically send to your Senator stating your support. 

Click here to fill out the form and send your support -- our animals will thank you.

If you do not live in Massachusetts, please contact your Senator or local SPCA or Humane Society to find out how you can help!