Why Carrying a Spare Leash, Dog Biscuits and Sandwich Meat is a Good Idea

homeless stray dog lying downIf you see a stray dog, at least call your local Animal Control and report it. If your pet got lose, you'd want someone to do the same for your pet, right? And ALWAYS make sure your pet has a collar with an accurate ID tag, including your home phone number and address on it! It makes life a lot easier for us stray dog chasers!A few years ago when I was still living at home with my parents, I noticed this really raggedy-looking mutt sauntering up and down our street. With all his dirty, scruffy fur I was unable to determine whether he was emaciated or not, so I tried approaching him.

Normally, animals come right to me. I think that they sense I am “an animal person.” But this dog wanted no part of me. He ran right down the street and turned the corner. I was bewildered. I saw him again and again over the course of two weeks, and each time he managed to outmaneuver me.

I called our local Animal Control, but they were either too busy or unable to find the mysterious dog. It reached a point where I was walking and driving around doing my normal daily activities with a leash, dog biscuits and sandwich meat with me.

Finally one day, I saw him at the bottom of my street and I said to myself, “Today is the day when I catch you.” My dad happened to be outside with me so I yelled to him to follow me in his Jeep. Luckily, I had my sneakers on that day.

I chased that dog for a good 20 minutes; down our street, into the park next to our street, 4 blocks over to a neighboring street. Finally, I had him cornered in a backyard! I took the biscuits and sandwich meat out of my bag and lured him into a large outdoor tent that happened to be set up in that person’s backyard.

I didn’t care that I was in some person’s yard that I didn’t know and that I was trapping a stray dog in their tent. This dog was mine.

Success! I got him inside the tent and zipped it up real quick while I yelled to my dad to please go to the front door of the home we were at and explain to them that we needed to keep the dog there until Animal Control arrived and helped us.

You’ll never believe what happened.

My dad came back around to the yard and said, “An elderly woman lives here, and she says that’s her dog…”

WHAT? HER DOG? You mean to tell me that I’ve been chasing this hairy dog around for two weeks now only to trap him in his own backyard?! No wonder why this dog thinks I’m a psycho!

Long story short, Animal Control did arrive and they were pretty anxious to know why the dog had been roaming the neighborhood for weeks too. Apparently the woman was elderly and ill, and she would let the dog outside thinking he was just remaining in the yard, but the stinker found a way out of the yard and would go off gallivanting for a few hours before returning to his yard.

Animal Control filed a report and warned the owner to please keep a better eye on Mo (that turned out to be his name) and asked her to have someone repair the hole in the fence that Mo was using to escape. Thankfully, I never saw Mo running around again. But I still have the urge to carry a supply of spare leashes, biscuits and sandwich meat with me...