Motion Sickness in Dogs

Does your dog suffer from motion sickness? If they do and they are anything like my sister's beagle Benny, it is not fun.

I'll never forget the time I was driving my husband, our dog Gadget and Benny to a dog walk fundraiser Gadget riding in Gavin's powerwheelsI don't think Gadget would get motion sickness from this. I just thought it was cute!that was in Easton (which is roughly 40 minutes away from us) and Benny threw up in my back seat about 25 minutes into the ride. Luckily, leather seats are not so terrible to clean up, but there are ways to help your pet if they experience motion sickness.

Symptoms may include restlessness, panting, drooling and as I experienced, vomiting. According to information on the PetMeds blog, some pets may even vomit if they think they are going for a car ride! For others, symptoms can really occur at any point during the trip.

In terms of medical treatments for Fido's aversion to car rides, Benadryl or Dramamine may help your pet. Or, a newer veterinary drug known as Cerenia may also be effectively used for motion sickness in pets. A homeopathic remedy known as Cocculus may also be helpful in some circumstances.

Some non-medical options include crating pets or using special restraints while riding in vehicles, as this may help lessen the severity of motion sickness. Gradually increasing the length of car trips from a few minutes on up may also help to get pets accustomed to longer trips in moving vehicles.

Of course, talking to your regular veterinarian is the best place to start in figuring out how to help your pooch enjoy car rides.