Product Review: Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Rolls

Oh, hi there. It's been a little while since my last post but the boys and I are back in the review game! Thanks, :)

In April, we started strong with the Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Rolls. The flavor of the month was the Grain-Free Duck Recipe. Firstly, RIP little duck friend. Secondly, thank you for getting the dogs so pumped at treat time! The food roll, while nutritious enough for a standalone meal, is perfect for just about any use. It can be sliced or crumbled in small bits as a flavor boost to bland kibble or it can be cut to size for rewarding all sizes of (adult) dog.

Since I like to food prep in advance of the work week, I get my cutting board, knife and Pyrex dish ready and cube the roll into about 1/4" pieces. This makes readying the boys' Kongs each morning a breeze! I am conscious that the protein (12.0% min), fat (6.0% min) and caloric content in addition to a normal day's food intake might make for a few hefty hounds so I try to cut back on the kibble and use these and all treats sparingly. This way, they can still eat from my plate because I can't turn away those puppy eyes ;)

Tip: Since there are no artificial preservatives and the moisture level is higher than most treats, be sure to keep the opened roll/pieces in the fridge or store the unopened roll at room temp. You can also freeze it before using but "enjoy" by the date stamped to ensure freshness!


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