1 Year of Freedom for Finn!

365 days!

365 glorious, fresh air breathing, grass between the paw pads tickling, running, playing, exploring, full belly and snore-filled napping, treat-tasting days that Finn has spent being loved, cared for, freshly groomed and thoroughly doted on.

The backstory...

Finn was a victim of the heartless and cold world of commercial breeding where his little 10-lb body endured 4 1/2 years of fear and discomfort. The puppy mill was located in Arkansas but his heroes hailed from Colorado. Enter, National Mill Dog Rescue (NMDR). In June of 2014, the NMDR rescue van full of loving and devoted lifesavers pulled Finn and countless other dogs from several locations around the South and Midwest. This would be the first step in his journey of life. Real life. Not caged, dirty, sick, starved, neglected life.

My trip to Lily's Haven...

After a rewarding and eye-opening volunteer trip in April 2014, I returned in July with my approved adoption application on file. You know, just in case :) I read the profiles of so many of the NMDR-rescued dogs and had a short list which included my beloved Finn. I spent the first day loving on all the pups at Lily's Haven (the NMDR adoption kennel), scooping poop, mopping pee, cleaning laundry and feeding my furry friends. I was quiety evaluating the dogs on my short list - Who will do best with Cooper? Who can fit in the under-seat carrier for the plane ride home? Who really needs me? Alas, my Finn was the one.

What Finn has learned...

How to play

How to cuddle

How to pee and poop outside (for the most part)

How to walk on a leash

How to respond to cues

How to brush his teeth (okay, I help)

That he can trust me

That people are not always bad

That the people in my life will always have open hearts and a gentle touch

That his big brother is crazy

That Cooper is always in charge ;)

That he is loved, SO LOVED

That he will always be safe

What I have learned about Finn..

He's blind in one eye

He has luxating patellas (floating knee caps)

He's allergic to grains

He sometimes eats poop

He has smelly breath (see above)

He is so deserving of the best life

He is perfectly content 95% of the time

He has the softest, velvetiest fur

He LOVES to play

He makes new canine friends very easily (humans, now that's a work in progress)

He prefers stuffed, shakable toys to tennis balls or chewing bones

He could sleep all day.. except for 5:30am. He must be awake at 5:30am

He needs help getting on/off taller couches and beds

He is not a huge fan of nighttime walks (being partly blind and all)

He does not like extreme temperatures (cue the accidents in the house)

Aside from his fear of most men and some new people, he is a pretty courageous little dude

Finn has taught me so much about having patience, understanding and giving back. I want to be an example for others who don't think that adoption is for them. It is for you, I promise. It is for everyone! There are so many dogs, with their own stories and unique personalities. We just have to give them a chance. I'm so lucky that Finn was my chance ♥