Product Review: Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Lamb Lung Bites brought my boys a rare delicacy this month, Natural Balance Wild Pursuit Lamb Lung Bites. These all-natural, grain-free treats are high in protein but boast less than 8 calories per piece – even fewer if you account for the fact that I still break the bites into small bits for my pups. As will all treats, please do not replace entire meals and treat sparingly.

Since the treats are dehydrated, there is no offensive odor. This makes it easy to store a few in my pockets for our adventures around town. It’s always helpful to reward good behavior on the spot. I might be guilty of bribing every now and again, too, but I’m not proud of it!

I realize there wasn’t much for me to review with these 1-ingredient wonders, so I filmed my boys in action. I give you, the Leave It command ^_^

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