Product Review: Earth Rated

Here's a review on the other "end" of the spectrum for a change ;) I received this wonderful package of Earth Rated® who not only has the coolest website around, but also supplied me with various poop bags, a dispenser and even the perfect "log" for my dog walker to record each day's "activities".

I'll be honest, I was a bit skeptical about what made a "better" bag since they don't have the most glamorous job and ultimately get tossed within minutes. For years I have been buying the cheapest bags I can but, on occasion, I have paid dearly (-_-;)

I have found the cheapest cost per bag is roughly $.025. For Earth Rated, I noted a cost per bag ranging from $.032 to $.045 depending on which bags you buy, the quantity, and where you buy them. Over the course of a month or even a year, this is a fairly minimal difference. For me, choosing the lowest cost option of Earth Rated bags, I would spend about $45/year or less than $4/month for the 3-4 bags per day that Cooper and Finn require.

Here are some of the pros of Earth Rated:

  • Quick, clean tear from roll 
  • Easy-open
  • Masks odor
  • Durable and strong
  • Recycled materials
  • & they're charitable, too!


Disclaimer: I received free product from Earth Rated in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in the blog are my own and were not influenced by any outsider. I did not receive monetary compensation or additional benefits for talking about the product or the company.