Product Review: Max & Ruffy's

Natural organic treats for dogs - that's Max & Ruffy's tagline and it was enough to peak my interest! At the suggestion of a fellow animal advocate and founder of Pawz Ability, I contacted Max & Ruffy's to review their dog treats. Their customer service was second to none and the package of treats was more than I ever expected to receive! 2 full bags of their mini bites (perfect for my boys), 4 sample-sized tasters of their various flavors, and 1 bag from their new, sustainable, "super food" brand Petya.

As with most deliveries, Cooper and Finn went crazy as I opened the package to reveal the goodies. The aroma from the first bag (327 B.C.: Banana & Coconut Flavor) was so divine that I came close to trying one myself. Aside from 2 flavors, all of the varieties I received are grain-free (the Mother Quinoa’s Pumpkin Patch and 24 Carob Gold: Strawberry & Carob Flavor are still free of wheat but use either organic brown rice flour or quinoa so I'll save those for Cooper and his friends). The flavors I have yet to list include:

  • Five-Star Blueberry
  • Powerhouse: Sweet Potato & Alfalfa
  • The Kelp Highway: Butternut Squash & Kelp
  • Tree of Life: Coconut, Molasses & Flax Flavor
  • W.P. Pizza


The size and texture of the mini bites did not disappoint; really ideal for training treats since they hold their shape and are crunchy enough that Cooper does not try to swallow them whole. For a super cute marketing technique, Max & Ruffy's also included an "original" sized treat in the smaller samples since  1 Original + 4 Mini Bites = 1 ADORABLE PAW PRINT! I would say that giant breeds might be unimpressed with the size of these treats but, when given adequate quantity, I'm sure they would be satisfied overall :)

                                                                                                               nutritious  · organic · vegan

                                                                                                               nutritious · organic · vegan

One great surprise in the sample pack was a bag of their new, sustainable dog treats under the Petyapet Products brand. These high-protein, "super food" dog treats are made with - get ready - real crickets! I hesitated as most people would but have heard of this cricket trend taking off in people food, too. Needless to say, the boys LOVE them and I feel good about the thoughtfulness behind their manufacturing. Gotta think about the bigger picture sometimes :) 

I will conclude with a few of Max & Ruffy's promises (trimmed just to fit this page):

...Our dog treats are always prepared using only certified organic, human-grade ingredients.
Our products are always cruelty-free containing no ingredients from animal or human exploitation...
We only use ingredients that have been produced without the use of conventional pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, sewage sludge, GMO grains or irradiation, purchased from companies that use environmentally friendly manufacturing...
We only use whole foods in our dog treat recipes... [no] artificial coloring, flavor enhancers, additives...
We will never use any animal products.
Our pack supports reducing global warming through the adoption of a meat-free diet...

Disclaimer: I received free product from Max & Ruffy's in exchange for my honest review. The opinions expressed in the blog are my own and were not influenced by any outsider. I did not receive monetary compensation or additional benefits for talking about the product or the company.