Product Review: Primal Freeze-Dried Liver Munchies

Our latest product to review from arrived earlier this month! From the list of available products, I chose Primal Freeze-Dried Liver Munchies. Cooper has never turned down liver. Finn, on the other hand, has been pretty picky with treats but he has certainly come around to the "smelly" ones.

Instead of giving you a full list of the ONE ingredient (Turkey Liver), let me highlight the Key Benefits as described by the company:

  • Turkey raised in the United States without antibiotics or added hormones
  • Single-source protein
  • Healthy treats for dogs and cats
  • High-protein snack
  • No preservatives
  • Grain and gluten free
  • No added salt or sugar

    So how did Cooper and Finn like them? Cooper was hoping my finger was an extension of the treat because he simply couldn't get enough. Finn has the tiniest mouth and prefers soft treats since they are easier to chew; by starting with the treat on the floor, he was able to sniff and chomp away. These treats are breakable but since they were freeze-dried, they do tend to crumble. People with big dogs wouldn't have this problem :) Best part of all? They are only $4.99 per 2oz bag at and available at most pet retailers!







    Disclaimer: I received a free product in exchange for my honest review as a member of the Blogger Program. The opinions expressed in the blog are my own and were not influenced by any outsider. I did not receive monetary compensation or additional benefits for talking about the product or the company.