Cooper Speaks: 7) Weiss Walkie

7) Weiss Walkie

"Created by Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and VP of Research and Development for the ASPCA, Dr. Emily Weiss, the Weiss Walkie™ is the perfect solution for dog guardians and animal shelters looking for a simple, dog-friendly way to take their furry companions on a walk – with absolutely no pulling. The Walkie™ is designed to quickly, comfortably, and humanely eliminate pulling with no training needed for you or your dog.

The Weiss Walkie™ wraps around your dog’s barrel and attaches to his or her buckle collar. When the dog pulls, the Walkie™ applies slight pressure, calming and relaxing the dog and naturally decreasing forward movement."

Cooper Speaks:

I proudly paraded around the Expo on day 2 sporting a small, Sky Blue Walkie, thanks to Dr. Emily! I think it helped me get even more attention and treats! Mom said she wished the Walkie’s rope-like material was a tad bit gentler on her hands and didn’t twist up as much but, overall, we think it is a great alternative to a harness and a better option than restrictive collars.