Cooper Speaks: 1) Tucker's Treats

1)   Tucker’s Treats

"Our treats are hand rolled in Wisconsin and made from USDA, USA/Canadian chicken breast. This product is produced under USDA oversight and from 100% human grade raw materials.

No chemicals or preservatives are used in their preparation. They are individually wrapped for added convenience. Loose internal wrapping does not affect the treats safety or nutrition.

THIS IS A NATURAL PRODUCT with all of nature’s imperfections. You may occasionally see white fat or protein streaking. This should not be mistaken for mold."


Cooper Speaks:

I just LOVE these treats. My favorite part of the Expo was being straight across from the Tucker’s Treats booth where I made fast friends with one of the reps – she couldn’t resist my Schnoodleness and just spoiled me rotten with these delicious delicacies. I got to take a bunch home and was even kind enough to share them with friends because I simply couldn’t keep this yummy treat to myself. Mom is happy that they are all natural and safe, on top of being a form of “puppy crack”.