Freebies from Global Pet Expo

Cooper and I had the great fortune of traveling with Dog Fashion Spa to the Global Pet Expo in Orlando last month. In addition to meeting some great people and scoping out the impressive booths – which spanned 13 football fields! – I was given the opportunity to take a few product samples home for FREE!

I’ve taken a snippet about each product from their respective site and then got Cooper's  canine perspective.

Each review in the “Cooper Speaks” series will be featured as its own blog post so stay tuned!

1) Tucker’s Treats >> Cooper Speaks

2) Wildcatch Salmon Bites >> Cooper Speaks

3) Ron & Raven >> Cooper Speaks

4) Bow + Arrow >> Cooper Speaks

5) BrollyLeash

6) Heininger 1020 CommuteMate Flameless Flare

7) Weiss Walkie