Stylish and Functional Organizing for the Dog Owner - Food Storage

Owning a dog is a serious responsibility and commitment. There's the basic love and care - feeding, bathing, socializing, training and exercising, but then there's all the stuff that comes with owning a dog!

From leashes and collars to brushes and bowls, owning a dog requires storing a lot of stuff around your home. And some stuff, like bowls and toys, are readily visible to anyone who visits your home. So I embarked on a mission to find stylish and functional products and methods of organization for the modern dog owner. This will be a weekly feature on the Daily Dog Blog, showcasing new and attractive products and methods of organization for the modern dog owner.

Here's what I came up with this week for food storage.

Food Storage

One of your dog's most basic needs is eating. And one of the things I hear dog owners constantly mentioning is the difficulty in storing their dog's food. This is a great way to both store your dog's food and feed them!


dog food cabinet with bowls

Are you more of a do-it-yourselfer? Take an old cabinet, pull out the bottom drawer, attach a board with two holes in it the size of your dog bowls, and voila! These are also both great options since the drawers can be pushed back in when necessary.


custom dog food cabinet

Have more space in your kitchen and looking to do something truly stylish and custom? Take a peek at these beautiful kitchens will built-in storage solutions and eating stations for their fabulous pets.


custom kitchen with dog food station

custom kitchen with dog food station

Now onto bowls. I've never cared for having ugly dog bowls and water dishes lying around. Here are some great options.

With chevron being a wildly popular print right now, this pink version for $39 would fit the bill for any fashion enthusiast. GummiPets also released a line of adorable bowls with a variety of patterns sure to please any dog owner looking for some flavor to their pet's dishware. 

stylish dog food dishes

On the bottom row are two, great handmade bowls. Personally, I love anything monogrammed or personalized. And how great are the colors of the customized name bowl? The orange pattern bowl also comes in a variety of other colors. Another perk? These dishes are dishwasher safe!

Owning a dog does not mean style and efficiency have to go out the window. Tune in next week for another edition of this special blog feature!