The Connection Between Your Dog's Health and Their Food

puppy eating foodA new report is circulating the internet today that Purina's Beneful dog food brand is making dogs deathly ill and even leading to many deaths, yet no recall has been ordered by the FDA.

If you research the Consumer Affairs website, you will see that to date, there have been 325 complaints filed regarding this brand. Complaints range from reports of kidney failure to throwing up.

I'm sure some will disagree about the value of these reports, but there is something to be said about the relationship between your dog's health and overall well-being and what they eat.

We've suggested to our friends and followers before to utilize to research the food they are feeding their fuzzy friends. (Read our previous blog on this topic here.) Dog food brands are notoriously good at exaggerating the nutritional value of their food by using words like "all natural" and "holistic." But unless you read the ingredients and truly understand the nutritional needs of your pet, these trendy words are meaningless.

Dog foods that use a lot of "filler" ingredients, such as corn and any by-products that have no nutritional value can actually harm your pet. These lower quality foods can be found everywhere from grocery stores to Petco, making them an easy fix for pet owners. But that does not make them the best choice for your dog's well-being.

Start by heading over to and finding your dog's food. Read the review thoroughly and you'll better understand how to best feed your pet. And remember, just because a high-quality food may be slightly more expensive than a low-quality food, your cost will be lessened by the fact that your dog will inevitably need to eat less of the high-quality food to feel full and happy. Following the feeding instructions based on the size and weight of your dog is another important step to ensuring a healthy weight.

High-quality foods keep your dog satisfied and at a happy weight. It also helps with the health of your dog's coat and keeps diseases and the onset of arthritis at bay. Just as people are more healthy when they eat well, dogs are too. With so many benefits to feeding your beloved dog a high-quality diet, why not research your dog's food and make educated decisions for their well-being?