A Review of "From Baghdad, With Love"

I recently finished reading, "From Baghdad, With Love," written by Lieutenant Colonel Jay Kopelman. An International Best Seller, this book describes one Marine's journey after finding and coming to love an abandoned dog in Fallujah, Iraq.

As a member of the First Battalion, Third Marines, otherwise called the "Lava Dogs," after having trained most of the time on the hardened lava in Hawaii, these soldiers are strictly prohibited from caring for animals during their service, never mind attempting to transport them to the U.S. But Kopelman and his men develop a bond with the small, helpless pup they come to name Lava, and the responsibility they feel towards him helps them escape the cold, harsh reality of their surroundings at the time. After all, who would like to constantly be thinking about weapons, their safety and whether or not they would live to return back to their homeland? Caring for Lava gave a new meaning to Kopelman's life and he made it his mission to save the dog and get him sent to the U.S. But this journey was far from perfect.

Follow Lieutenant Colonel Kopelman throughout his mission to save Lava, from finding a veterinarian who would administer the necessary vaccinations to finding friends in the U.S. who would help him in his cause, this book is a fast-paced journey that does not disappoint.

Overall, it's a happy story, but it does include some details about the war and conditions in the Middle East that were troublesome. Nevertheless, you won't want to put this book down after becoming engrossed in this man's journey to save his dog.

"From Baghdad, With Love," is a true testament to the bond people develop with animals. Regardless of the fact that Marines are some of the most stoic, focused soldiers in existence, these grown men become so attached to this little dog that they risk everything for him. Do yourself a favor and read this book!