2013 Trends for Dogs

Over the past decade, trends affecting people's lifestyles, from how quickly they want to access information to the diets they try to lose weight quickly, have all seemed to hover around speed and the ever-changing world of technology. Well the 2013 trend outlook for dogs seems to share this similarity.

Dog Food

The first noticeable trend is a change in dog food. I'm sure you've seen that Petco is now touting their store as the place "where healthy pets go." This slogan change occurred within the past few years when Petco began carrying brands like Innova and Wellness, which were being identified by many animal owners as superior foods to feed their beloved pets based on the quality of their ingredients. (See our previous blog post - Do You Know What Your Dog is REALLY Eating?)

Now, brands like Purina are taking it a step further by introducing the first "sports" dog food line. Purina is extending their Pro Plan line by offering "Active," for dogs that enjoy everyday exercise, to "Performance," for running and hiking dogs, and "Advanced," for dogs that take part in agility competitions. The brand plans to roll out these new offerings sometime this month with the slogan, "Where sport meets dog."

Looking at the information that is currently offered on the Purina Pro Plan website, the food does seem superior to their previous offerings but some of the ingredients are still questionable to me. For instance, the 5th and 6th ingredients listed for the Active 26/16 Formula are corn gluten meal and whole grain corn, and corn is typically an ingredient that dogs with sensitive stomachs do not tolerate well.

Apps for Dogs

Smartphone apps are not really a new concept at all. But dog-lovers are taking the app world by storm this year. From Purina's P5 Training App that is supposed to help you train your dog to Dog Friendly. a free app that locates dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, beaches and more across the U.S. and Canada, dog owners now have an abundance of apps on their smartphones to help them become a responsible pet owner.

A great one to download is Pet Poison Help. This app may cost $1.99 but the investment is well worth it since it identifies common household products that can poison your pet with detailed photos and information. Just don't use your phone while you're out walking your pooch, please!

Have you heard of any up-and-coming dog products or trends? Let us know in the comment field!