You Know You're a Dog Lover When...

You would rather sleep uncomfortably and wake up sore than move your dog from the bed.

You job hunt for positions close enough to home so that you can run home during lunch to let the dog out.

You schedule appointments and events around your dog's feeding schedule.

You haven't been on a vacation forgot how long...because you'd miss your dog too much or worry about putting them in a kennel.

You go shopping and come home with another new dog toy and nothing else.

The stuff on your fridge consist of postcards from your veterinarian for your dog's vaccines.

While your friends carry photos of their children in their wallets, you have photos of your dog.

Photos on your desk at work include your significant other and of course, your dog.

Your weekends consist of errands and one or two fun things to do with your dog.

You find yourself reading the ingredients of your dog's food more than you check the ingredients of your own food.

You worry if your dog has enough friends.

You feel a pang of guilt whenever you have to go somewhere without your dog.

You leave the TV on when you have to leave your dog home alone, so they have something to entertain them and don't get lonely.

Your dog sees their veterinarian more than you see your own doctor.

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