Dog Trend Outlook - Bicycling

bicycling with your dogWalkyDog PlusAnother growing trend that 2013 will bring is an increase in people bicycling with their dogs. You might be thinking, "What if someone owns a 75 pound German Shepard?" Have no fear. There are all kinds of different methods you can follow to enjoy a bike ride with your dog this year. It'll be spring before you know it, so start planning a safe bike ride now!

One of the most popular methods for enjoying a bike ride with your dog is to use a bike-leash attachment. A bike-leash attachment allows you to safely take your dog on bike rides while maintaining control. There are different kinds of attachments on the market, so do your research and choose whichever one will make you and your pet most comfortable.

One option would be something like the WalkyDog Plus Bike Leash. This universal attachment attaches just under the seat of your bike and includes internal springs that provide shock absorption should your dog suddenly pull or go in a different direction.

Another option would be something like the 1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash. This attachment simply clips to the frame of the bike near your tires and prevents the dog from tipping your bike and can be installed quickly without tools.

Both of these devices allow your dog to run alongside your bike without allowing them to get too close to the pedals.

dog in a bicycle basketAn option for smaller dogs would be a pet bicycle basket. If using a basket, it's a good idea to make sure your dog fits comfortably inside and is calm enough to remain seated the entire length of your bike ride.

As with bike-leash attachment, there are many different kinds of bicycle baskets. Some are made of wicker while others can be more "sporty" and made of fabric on a frame. These are generally intended for dogs 10 pounds and under.

But before you head out on the road with your bike and dog in tow, read over these safety tips to ensure a fun, safe ride for both:

1. Always follow the installation and safety directions of the product you choose to use. There's a reason why they're there!

2. Make sure you have a bike water bottle filled with water for not only you, but also your dog. Allow your dog to drink frequently, especially on hot days.

3. Keep your pace equal with your dog's trot. It's ok to use faster paces in short bursts, but generally your ride should be a comfortable trot for your pooch.

4. Avoid sudden turns or stops. Unless your dog is trained to understand bicycling commands such as "woah" to slow down and "stop," any sudden change in pace or direction is likely to be a surprise to them. Make the ride enjoyable for them as well by keeping this in mind.

5. Begin by practicing in short intervals together. It will probably take some time for your dog to become accustomed to riding alongside or inside a bicycle basket. Give them lots of praise and start out slowly. Add time and distance as you both become more comfortable.

By following this tips, bicycling with your dog can be fun and beneficial for you both!




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