When Cooper Meets Lilly (the Hero Pit Bull)!

Every Wednesday beginning in late April and continuing into the Fall (weather permitting), Boston's Liberty Hotel hosts Yappy Hour in "The Yard", a fully enclosed space with 2 outdoor bars! This past week, Cooper and I made our first appearance. Together with a few 2- and 4-legged friends, we had a really great time!

"Yappier" Hour was a blast! Look at the Cooper look-a-like on the bottom left! He is thought to be a Schnauzer/Eskimo mix.

As if the evening needed any more excitement, look who we found! Lilly the Hero Pit Bull was also checking out the Yappy Hour scene for the first time. As you may recall, Lilly was struck by a freight train in Boston while pulling her owner off of the tracks, saving her life. Lilly now lives without her right front leg but that does not stop her from being active Pit Bull advocate -- continuously showing the world the benefits of this heroic, devoted, loving breed! 

Loved meeting Lilly! Apparently this massive Irish Wolfhound did, too ;)

 And here are just a few more action shots from the evening:

Top Left Across: 1) Cooper, Cooper, Sammy, and a few new pals! 2) Happy, handsome pup! 3) Sam serving the thirsty crowd! 4) Schnauzer!