Lennox is Poster Dog for Why Breed-Specific Legislation is Not Logical

Lennox in his prison in BelfastAnyone reading this blog has probably at least heard mention of the plight of Lennox, a 7-year-old dog from Northern Ireland who was seized from his loving family two years ago as a breed banned under the UK's Dangerous Dogs Act. If this is the first you are hearing of it, you have only to do a quick Google search or look it up on Facebook to see the countless stories, articles, petitions etc.

Lennox is a prime example of why I completely disagree with breed-specific legislation. This dog was living an innocent life with his family, when he got taken away and stowed in horrid conditions all because he "looked like a possible pit-bull type," per the Belfast City Council. He had never bit anymore or even snapped at anyone in the 7 years of his life. Why then did he deserve this to happen to him? How can humans, who are supposed to be the intelligent species capable of reason and logic, rationalize what they have done to this dog and to the family that loved him? Who gave us the right to determine what creature lives and which ones don't belong among us based purely upon what they look like?

The Barnes family, who own Lennox, have been campaigning tirelessly for his release. They've spent countless hours in legal battles and discussions with the Belfast City Council, even asking them to allow Lennox to be re-homed to a family located in the U.S. to spare his life. The campaign to spare Lennox has gained so much attention that Victoria Stilwell of the popular series, It's Me or the Dog, has visited Belfast and offered to pay all expenses related to Lennox's release and re-homing to the U.S.Lennox as a puppy

There's even been speculation as to whether Lennox is even truly alive. Apparently no one has actually seen the dog in months and the Belfast Council ignores requests for proof of life.

From the information that is being offered, this whole case seems completely wrong to me. Personally I do not feel that the Belfast City Council has satisfied their burden of proof in showing why Lennox should be considered dangerous.

So far the word is still that Lennox is scheduled to be euthanized tomorrow. The Belfast Council has also reportedly told the family that they cannot be with Lennox while they put him to sleep, and that they'd only later receive "a little of his ashes in the mail."

The people responsible for this decision should truly be ashamed of themselves, and I only hope that reason wins over the Belfast City Council and that Lennox is given a chance at life.

Please visit the official Save Lennox Facebook page and show your support to the family during this difficult time. There is also an official petition on his behalf on the Save Lennox website.

Please join animal lovers worldwide in voicing that this is not acceptable and that change is needed!