Shooting of Family Dogs Shocks Community

Woody the Golden Retriever was shot and killedRIP Woody : (As a lifelong resident of New Bedford, Massachusetts, I've always known the city had its rough areas just like every other city in this country. But I was appalled when I learned that on February 13th, a pedestrian out walking in the New Bedford Industrial Park area came across the bodies of two dead dogs.

Those dogs turned out to be family pets that were reported missing a few weeks earlier -- a beloved Chihuahua and a Golden Retriever. Veterinarian Gerald Pietsch of the Anchor Animal Hospital in Dartmouth examined the poor animals' bodies and determined that they had both been shot "execution style," from behind.

The Golden Retriever was a 12-year old family pet named Woody. Woody's owner, Eric Nelson, has told reporters that the last time he had seen his pet was on the night of January 18th, when he let Woody outside. The dog did not return as he usually did, and Nelson proceeded to hang "Missing Dog" flyers in his neighborhood and contact local animal shelters and groups.

Sadly, Nelson was told by an Animal Control officer on February 13th that Woody's body was found next to the Chihuahua in the Industrial Park.

Who could do such a thing? What kind of coward makes the decision to shoot two poor, innocent animals to death? And from behind? Could the monster not look into the sweet eyes of the little dogs while they shot them? And did they steal these dogs as well? The entire story makes me sick.

The MSPCA is desperately seeking information that leads to the arrest of the sub-human responsible for the shooting death of these dogs. They began by offering a $1,000 reward for any information that helps their case, but due to the overwhelming support of the community and outpourings of financial assistance, that reward has been increased to $6,000.

Anyone with any information related to this case is strongly urged to call the MSPCA hotline at 1-800-628-5808.