Say Cheese!

underwater dog photosSeth Casteel, of Little Friends Photo of Los Angeles and Chicago, is taking the world of pet photography by storm. Recently featured on EXTRA, MSNBC, USA Today, The Today Show, ABC News and more, Seth's photos have become some of the most published pet photos in the world. His underwater dog portraits have become quite the craze!

But it gets better. Seth is a huge animal adoption advocate and has donated thousands and thousands of dollars to help save the lives of countless animals. And his pet is a mini-labradoodle named Nala that he saved from the pound! He even started his own personal project called Second Chance Photos that aims to save pets through his photography efforts.

Second Chance Photos is a great project, I think. One of the first things that is done when a new animal is brought to the shelter is that their picture is taken, and it is this picture that the world will see when they're searching PetFinder or similiar sites to find their new pet. More often than not, the animals are afraid, sometimes dirty, and the photos are not flattering. It can make it hard to imagine that the timid-looking filthy dog in that photo could be your new best friend.

So Seth and his and his crew at Second Chance Photos work to provide shelters with professional advice, education and to organize fundraisers to help shelters purchase photography equipment to improve the animals' chances of being adopted.

Nice, bright, professional-quality photos would certainly increase shelter animals chances of finding their forever home.

Check out some of his amazing work and consider supporting Second Chance Photos, or a similiar effort at your local animal shelter!