Puppy Cake!

Last week, on ABC's Shark Tank, Kelly Chaney was turned down by the wealthy investors whom she hoped would invest in her product, Puppy Cake, a cake mix made especially for dogs. The "Sharks" were so against the idea because they thought there was not a large enough market and that Kelly's one line of "Puppy Cake" was not diverse enough. Kevin O'Leary and Damon John made some fairly ignorant comments about pet ownership and really discounted Kelly's vision.

I, however, think it's a very neat idea and I know many fellow dog lovers would agree that the market for pampering pooch products is overwhelming! In an effort to "show the Sharks they missed out", Kelly is offering her customers a great deal and free shipping on 3 boxes of Puppy Cake using the promo code SHARKTANK. I want to see Kelly succeed so I already ordered mine! I'll leave the decision to support her up to you: ORDER NOW and Let's Show The Sharks They Missed Out!

You can also check out the Puppy Cake sales pitch below if you haven't already seen it!