Elderly Woman Credits Her Mini Schnauzer With Saving Her Life

Bethe Bennett of Glendale, Arizona is now recuperating in a hospital bed after falling in her home last Friday and breaking her femur. But if it weren't for her dog, Danny, she might still be lying on that floor waiting for help to come, or worse.

After her brutal fall, Bethe passed out from the pain. When she woke, it was because Danny was licking her face. Her faithful companion, who is a trained service dog, listened while she instructed him to go get her the phone.

According to the report, Danny had not been an active service dog in quite some time, but Danny still figured out what his owner was asking him to do. He marched down the hall, jumped on the couch and then grabbed the phone with his teeth.

Bethe credits her dog with saving her life.

“I would still be there,” she told reporters. “Nobody was coming to check on me until Monday or Tuesday.”