Don't Take Your Dog's Identity for Granted

Well, it happened again. On my way home from errands this morning, I came across a beagle and a Doberman running loose through busy city streets. Clearly two dogs running around with each other and no human present is not a good sign, so I pulled my car over right away and hopped out to call them to me. As you'll see from this story, it's important to not take your dog's identity for granted.

dog with ID collarThe beagle look anxious and started towards me, but the Doberman seemed to be a very young, excited dog (my guess is that it was his idea to break loose!) and he sort of playfully frolicked away from me. So, I locked my car and took off running after them. I stayed close while not running full speed at them for fear of making them run into a street.

The Doberman did scurry out into the street a few times and then would bounce back towards his friend the beagle. I ran after them for about a half mile before a gentleman in a large pickup truck pulled down a side street and blocked their path. He kept them entertained with his own dog that he had inside his truck while I crept up behind the beagle and scooped him up. The beagle thankfully had a collar on with a dog license tag and an ID tag with his address and phone number (thank GOODNESS) but the Doberman had nothing.

At this point another woman pulled up in her SUV asking if we needed help, and we did! The gentleman put his own dog back in his truck and pulled out a length of rope that he had. I asked them woman in the SUV whether she'd mind putting the dogs in the back of her SUV and she agreed, so as soon as I placed the beagle in her SUV we were able to put the rope around the neck of the Doberman to keep him safe.

At this point we now had both dogs contained in the back of this kind woman's SUV. I got hold of the beagle's ID tag and the woman called the phone number and gave the owner a piece of her mind, quite to my delight I might add. Apparently the owner forgot he had let them out in the backyard and therefore didn't notice that they had actually escaped. The address was located a few blocks from where we were so thankfully the dogs had only galloped a few blocks and we were able to save them. dog ID tagHopefully that dog owner will be more careful next time he lets his dogs outside. How lucky is he that #1 both of his dogs stayed together, and #2 kind strangers were able to capture both of them before they were injured, or worse?!

Moral of the story - make sure your pets have proper ID's on them. I always suggest keeping a sturdy collar on your dog that has their dog license along with an ID with their home address and a phone number to reach you, in addition to a microchip. You just never know what will happen, so it's best to have all bases covered to make sure you can get your baby back!