Top Dog Names of 2012

One of my favorite photos of my two favorites -- hubby and Gadget!With 2012 winding down, reported the most popular names for your pups this year. If you were to yell Max or Bella in your local dog park you'd probably get 3 or 4 dogs running your way, as those were the top male and female dog names of the year.

Charlie and Buddy were the next popular dog names for male pooches, while Lucy and Daisy followed Bella in popularity for female dogs. It would seem that names traditionally meant for humans are the new trend in dog names, while classics such as Rover and Fido are out.

Personally, I've always liked original, clever dog names (I named my dog Gadget because she was a small, restless dog and people confused her original name, Gidget, for Digit). But I think no matter what you decide to name your dog, picking a name that you can live with and that suits the personality of your pet are the most important things to consider.

Isn't it funny how after just a few months, your dog seems to "become" their name? I could never imagine Gadget being named anything other than Gadget now, and she certainly a Gadget!

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