Dog Rescues Owner After Fall into Ravine

Maurice Holder kneels next to his dog MontyThree cheers for Monty the Labradoodle!

Monty is being credited for not only standing guard over his seriously injured human, Maurice Holder, 73, after the pair fell down a 40-foot ravine in England, but also for leading the shaken up man to safety.

Holder was enjoying a peaceful walk along a river with his 11 year old dog, Monty, when the ground collapsed beneath them, sending the pair plummeting to the bottom of a ravine.

Holder was knocked unconscious by the fall. When he awoke, his faithful companion Monty was standing nearby, carefully standing guard until his owner awoke.

At this point, water from the rising river was dangerously close to Holder. The injured man was able to stand up with the support of Monty, who then lead his human back up to safety.

At the top of the ravine, Holder laid down to rest and Monty took off. But he was not running away from his owner. Monty ran to a nearby pub to seek assistance for his owner! This amazing dog barked at the pub patrons until they sensed he was alerting them to some trouble and eventually followed Monty back to the site. The rescuers brought Holder to the nearby hospital where he was treated for 6 broken ribs and a concussion, but the man is beyond thankful for his loyal companion - Monty.

Later, Mr. Holder told reporters for the Metro newspaper in England, "I have been back a couple of times and when I saw where it happened and how far I fell I couldn't believe it. Monty is absolutely the perfect pet. I wouldn't say he is always the best behaved but he is loyal and that is what matters – man's best friend."

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