This site was started by two young women with a passion for animals and hopes that their words could inspire responsible dog ownership and positive change in the world of animal welfare. The dynamic duo became friends in high school, and their mutual love for animals lead them to remain in contact throughout the years and ultimately triggered their decision to join forces and create DailyDogBlog.org.



Getting Cooper was honestly the happiest day of my life. I had been waiting for the apartment complex to allow dogs since moving in over 3 years earlier. The "pet-friendly" notice was sent out on a Friday (in 2009); after work the following Tuesday, Cooper was home! From the moment I saw this little black furball, I knew he had stolen my heart and, later, my slippers, socks, mittens...

A few months had passed when his breeding papers arrived in the mail - my heart sunk and I was beyond infuriated, embarrassed and disgusted. The oh-so-cute kennel on this beautiful stretch of land abutting a gorgeous lake in Central Mass actually purchased their puppies from commercial breeders (aka PUPPY MILLS) in Iowa and other mid-west states where the regulations and inspections of licensed dog breeders are lax if not non-existent. Cooper's mom and dad never knew a life of love; instead they were kept in kennels their whole lives in deplorable conditions with no proper medical care and no love :( I made it my personal mission to ensure Cooper received the life that all dogs deserve - playing fetch, running, jumping, swimming, learning tricks, getting treats, "potty-training", socialization, and cuddling... oh cuddling <3

To take it a step further, I continued to learn and surrounded myself with like-minded animal welfare advocates. One such friend gave me the ultimate gift by inviting me on a volunteer trip to National Mill Dog Rescue in Colorado. In 2014, I helped with the intake of 59 mill dogs who were experiencing their first hours of freedom in the loving arms of volunteers. They were finally safe, warm, full and cozy. I returned that summer to help clean, feed and socialize the close to 100 dogs calling Lily's Haven home that week but, this time, I returned home with a loving ball of tri-colored Yorkie fluff, my Finn. He was shy, quiet (ha!) and very scared of human contact. Lucky for me we bonded as he recovered from his neutering surgery and now he's (my second) velcro boy!

I am focused now more than ever on enhancing the lives of our pets by sharing my experiences with current and future pet owners. You can read stories about Cooper, Finn, their canine companions and much more on our blog!

You can email Melissa directly at Melissa@dailydogblog.org.




I have always loved animals. I grew up in a household that always had cats and dogs, and I was responsible for my family owning most of them. I would run after homeless cats and dogs that I saw roaming my neighborhood and insist that my parents allow us to keep them. It reached a point where neighbors who found stray animals would knock on our door and hand them over to me, knowing that I would either find the owner or care for it any way that I could.

I started donating to animal welfare groups when I was probably 15 or 16 years old, even though I was only working maybe 15 hours a week since I was in school. The real turning point for me was when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. I remember watching video footage of the storm’s devastation and seeing all of the helpless animals left sitting on roofs and the poor people lugging their pets out of their flooded homes in pet carriers and thinking, “Someone has got to do something…” I was a sophomore in college at that time and I was working part time at a local museum. But I still made time to single-handedly organize a fundraising effort that provided the ASPCA with roughly $1000 in a little over a week. In 2006, I was honored as a “Real Hero” by the American Red Cross for my fundraising efforts following the storm. It is one of my proudest accomplishments to date.

I now am the proud "mumma" of one very feisty Golden Retriever puppy named Tuukka (my husband and I love the Bruins), an 11-year old Mini Schnauzer mix named Gadget and two adopted cats who are brother and sister, Dr. Claw and Smidge.

I completely understand the bond that a human can have with an animal, and my goal is to get more people to appreciate that connection and respect the animals that depend on us for so much.

You can email Beth directly at Beth@dailydogblog.org.